Pokémon Go at Bristol Zoo


PokéMasters are invited to an exclusive, after hours, Pokémon Go evening at Bristol Zoo Gardens on Wednesday 27 July.

Gates will stay open late so that fans of the game can hunt the virtual creatures which have recently descended on the grounds, including Bellsprout, Squirtle, Machop and Cubone.

The Zoo, which has around 12 PokéStops, as well as a gym where people can battle their Pokémon against fellow PokéMasters, is already proving to be a popular destination for Pokémon hunters.



Pokemasters can gain entry into the Zoo in exchange for a suggested donation of £3 on the door, which will go directly into the Zoo’s conservation fund and will help save wildlife locally and around the world.

All animal exhibits, including Twilight World and the Gorilla House, will not be accessible and the shop and café will also be closed.

The Zoo has come up with a list of things to remember while you’re hunting and training Pokémon at the Zoo:

- Please do not cross a barrier or enter any animal enclosures.
- For the safety of you and your Pokémon please don’t wander into any unauthorised areas. Not even a Charizard could take on our lions and come out unscathed.
- Stay alert and watch your step, particularly on stairs and pathways. We want all visitors and Pokémon trainers to have a safe experience.
- We have Bristol Zoo staff on site at all times so please contact any Zoo staff member if you need assistance. They are also clued up as to where the best Pokémon and Pokéstops can be found so hit them up for their expert knowledge.
- There is enough Pokémon for everyone, so please don’t run. - - The only fights we want to see are the ones going on in the Pokégym!
- There is free Wi-Fi around the whole Zoo site. We want you to find as many Pokémon without racking up huge charges so feel free to log on.
- All children under the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult.